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SEO Marketing: Drive traffic to your site and build and increase your business.

Social Media: Connect with your customers and find new ones through networking.

Online Sales: Our team will help you create sales opportunites and increase your revenue.

Online Marketing

Our Online marketing programs not our reach out to millions of online users but it also empowers you with constant real-time reporting and analysis. Our programs give you the edge you need to maximize your marketing while minmizing your expeses.

Web Development

Today's shoppers now use many diverse methods to view their content. Our team of expert developers will design, build, and manage your webiste so that your users will be able to view your message and buy your products on any platform, tablet, phone, or other device.

Strategic Marketing

Know Your Customer! That is the lynch pin to any successfull marketing plan. We work with your team to identify, target, and reach your customers. In addition we will help you establish your Brand so that customers both new and old will remember you.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research can make or break any online business – and smart choices can turn an otherwise struggling site into a powerhouse. Think of keywords in practical terms as the problems the prospect is having but without a crystal ball, it's tough to anticipate those problems and provide solutions to those problems, and make it easier for customers to find you online.

That takes more than just picking keywords. It takes an understanding of the patterns and intent of customers.


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Metric Analysis

Top rankings on search engines like Google have been a hot commodity for years. But a #1 ranking doesn't guarantee traffic, and it doesn't guarantee revenue. The climate in 2012 is dominated by social media and personalized search results.

That's why metrics analysis is so important. We use the most advanced analytics tools available to find out the demographics and browsing patterns of customers. That helps us measure the results of your marketing efforts and tailor our work to them - potentially adding thousands to the bottom line.


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Campaign Integration

Chances are, you aren't just using the internet to reach your customers. We're always looking for ways to integrate our methods with the tools of your offline trade. Our methods integrate seamlessly with the offline methods you're already using, and we constantly refine the work we do.

Integration doesn't just end in a brand-cohesive campaign with a consistent message. We can connect existing online campaigns too - our staff combines the skills of specialists with the efficiency of a dedicated firm.

That means you never have to wring your hands at night wondering what's working and what isn't. We do all the handwringing for you. At least we would - managing one of the web's most in depth keyword research systems tends to keep out hands full.


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Social Networking

Social networking is the strongest method ever invented of creating a strong community that interacts with friends, customers, prospects, and partners. Instead of using an existing social network, it's very easy to create one that's customized to your area or industry. This gives you the ability to have a dialogue with your own loyal audience or just promote your own business. This isn't as daunting a task as it seems – in fact, it's possible to get a social network off the ground using many of the same tactics that build a message board or mailing list.

We Are Ready To Serve You

International Sales & Services has the experience, talent, and team ready to help you grow your business. Using the lastest technology, we can put your business on the web in front of the customer you want to meet. We have the tools for you to monitor your traffic and make real-time adjustments to improve your ranking. Plus our staff is here and ready to serve you when you need us.

Industries We Serve

Professional Consulting


Local Businesses

Charity Organizations

Retail Businesses

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Medical Professionals

Social Organizations

Online Travel

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When you're an owner of a small business, you pay for results. You expect a certain level of reliable performance from your employees, and when you make an investment, you expect it to show results. But one of the big problems with transitioning a business to the online world is knowing where you should spend and why. Ignorance in the online world isn't bliss - and if you don't tackle possible problems with enthusiasm, you could miss out on a lot of profit.

At the end of the day, you can spend thousands of dollars on promotion, search engine placement, and a slick design, but none of it will be completely effective if your company's website doesn't have a good e-commerce platform.


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Brand Development

Brand development isn't a single project. It's a continuing process, and it's the lifeblood of your business. It's impossible to attract great customers and great talent unless your brand strongly resonates with them. Your choice isn't between having branding and not having branding, it's between effective, memorable branding and a poor and muddled one.

That means you can either ignore your brand and let the chips fall where they may, or you can be proactive and craft a brand that meshes with your strategy and your identity.


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Referral Marketing

It's the most effective and most crucial form of advertising in the marketing world. More than television, direct mail, or any form of Pay Per Click advertising, referral marketing is the best way to jump over the trust factor that can come from a competitive sales environment. There's no form of sales more effective than a good friend sharing a great experience. Unfortunately, many business owners think that great word of mouth comes naturally with good service. Usually, a stream of great referrals come from a concerted marketing effort. That is exactly what CYLCOMM seeks to provide.


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Trend Analysis

The market isn't just about your competition or your customers – trends in the marketplace are impossible to ignore. As we look at your competition, we'll get a clearer picture of the ups and downs of your overall market, and weigh it against your assets so you know the worthiness of a product, or even an entire market! This doesn't just give you a view of the market when you enter, it gives you a view of potential problems that can impact you or your customers in the future.

We Can Help You Grow

International Sales & Services delivers a complete set of marketing solutions that combine your energy and our experience to deliver greater profits and a higher share of your market, no matter what your size. We know that it feels great to know that you’ve done your homework - it gives you confidence in your future. Fill out the form and we’ll help you exceed your goals.